The Elegant Too are the music production team of Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez. They began working together in 1998 when Phil, freshly divorced from Grammy award winning Brave Combo, was working as a drummer/DJ in New York City. He approached Capitol recording artists Skeleton Key in which Chris was writing and playing guitar to do a remix for their upcoming release. They began writing songs and playing live shows on the lower east side as well as collaborating on remixes for such artists as P-Diddy, Mace and The Lox. It wasn’t long before Chris’ old label, Capitol, was throwing production projects at them. The first rabbit out of the hat was the Shivaree album “I Ought To Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump” whi*ch went platinum in Italy as well as gold in France and Portugal. Other projects came over the next couple of years: Yoko Ono, Ray Davies, John Cale, They Might Be Giants, Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion as well as others. With these credits as well as award winning sound design work and original music for film and TV, the boys seem to have managed to find a nice way to occupy their time until their next show.