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Tidy Up Film Original Score

Elegant Too wins 2011 Doddle award for best director/composer collaboration for the film Tidy Up at  the Columbia University Film Festival and best short film at the 2011 LA Eiga Fest. Director Satsuki Okawa.…

Inside Amy Schumer – Milk Milk Lemonade
ESPN 30 for 30 Vol ll Open
Bob’s Burgers Reel
TMN Go Anthem
TMN “Fall Addicted”
Jerseys Off – Microsoft Windows 8
Travel Channel Network Anthem
Failosophy MTV 2013
A&E The Glades Theme
Fusion Network ID
Cartoon Network Summer 2013 “Stay Inside”
Cartoon Network Summer 2013 “Power”
Art Of Shaving “Ambassador Of Smooth”
Art Of Shaving “Gentleman Shaver” WINS CLIO!
Art Of Shaving “Reformed Troglodyte”
Save the NYC Food Trucks
John Oliver’s New York Standup Show 2011 Theme
Would You Rather – New series on BBC America
Weeping Cherry
Tidy Up Film Original Score
The Glades
Onion News Network
Wild Within
Michael and Michael Have Issues
Important Things With Demetri Martin
Harlem Hellfighters
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Love In The Time Of Money
No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
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Reggie Watts
Whitest Kids U Know
Fatguy Stuck In Internet
Important Things With Demetri Martin
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