Alex Chilton-Nighttime

Elegant Too’s version of the Big Star song Nighttime with help from the lovely Ambrosia Parsley.   AC RIP.

A quick story from Chris:

When I lived in Arkansas, I played in a band called the Gunbunnies.  Our first record was produced by Jim Dickinson, who produced Big Star’s 3rd record, Sister Lovers.  During that period, we opened for Alex Chilton several times and watched him play in numerous situations.  I wouldn’t say we were close friends by any means, but, to me, he was an obliging rock star and I was a grateful fan.  A few years later, I booked a club in Little Rock called Juanita’s with my cohort, Benny Turner.  We had Alex play there on more than one occasion.  I met up with Alex for breakfast after one such gig and we eventually ended up back at my house.  We got extremely high sampling each others’ weed and ended up arguing over who had the best big band, Glenn Miller or Count Basie.  After Alex left,  my girlfriend and I went by the record show where he was signing autographs.  We didn’t really talk to Alex much there.  I think we got our picture taken with Billy Lee Riley, and I ended up buying “Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter Songbook”.  The vinyl was in terrible condition but the cover was mint.

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