Elegant Too is an American record production and composer team based in New York City, consisting of the duo Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez. They are best know for their composer work on the FOX hit series 'Bob's Burgers,'  - which won an Emmy in 2017 for an episode scored by Elegant Too. They are also known for their work on Disney's hit series 'Walk The Prank,' Showtime's 'Dice,' Netflix 'Who Was,' and many other well known series including 'Inside Amy Schumer,’ 'The John Oliver's NY Stand Up Show,' 'Important Things with Demetri Martin,' 'The Onion News Network,' and multiple projects with Trevor Moore, including work on his recent Comedy Central special 'The Story Of Our Times,' as well as his series 'The Whitest Kids You Know,' and the production of his comedy album for Comedy Central, 'High In Church.'

Chris and Phil wrote the music for Amy Schumer's parody song 'Milk, Milk, Lemonade' for her award winning Comedy Central series 'Inside Amy Schumer.' The video received over 3 million hits on You Tube in its first week, and has currently been viewed over 8.5 million times. They have also contributed music to the Oscar Winning film 'Silver Linings Playbook,' as well as the hit comedy 'Hot Fuzz,' and Michel Gondry's 'The We and the I,' among others.